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BadSea Coffee.Here Be Dragons.

Borne among the waves and out of a desire for local craft coffee, BadSea arose to provide fresh-roasts to Southern California.

When early sailors ventured into uncharted waters they went beyond the bounds of their maps into regions marked with the words Here Be Dragons. The intrigue was alluring, and the most intrepid made history by setting their course for these unknown realms of new discovery.

Like the corners of an ancient atlas, coffee is largely unexplored - and it’s high time we up the game. The swill offered at most cafes or diners is a familiar discomfort, but there is more to experience than an acrid cup drawn from stale and over-roasted beans.

BadSea embraces the ability of a bean to provide its own enticing flavors, on its own merits. We carefully select coffees that have been vetted for quality, then we experiment with samples until we illuminate the roast profile that brings out all the wonders the bean has to offer. From cinnamon aromas, to berry notes, to caramel body, to cacao nibs, the complexity of a cup coffee is as unique and diverse as craft beer.

There are new flavors that would otherwise be wholly unassociated with coffee - papaya, apple, nougat, jasmine, and baked blueberry - to name just a few. Step up to the next level and bring an element of appreciate to your daily ritual.

Dropped at your door just off-roast by local bike delivery - or via post if you're in a remote region. Try our beans and dive into craft coffee.

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