Fellow Prismo metal filter

BadSea Field Reports Vol. I

Fellow Prismo

By adding a super-sturdy cap with a high-pressure valve, Fellow claims that the Prismo allows your Aeropress to approximate espresso.

But we needed to know how it worked in the real world, for real people.

So we commissioned one of our own, retired Fire Chief Rick Minnick, to conduct some R&D.

Prismo brew setup

Product: Prismo Aeropress Coffee Maker attachment by Fellow

Tagline: Superpowers for your Aeropress

The Prismo turns your Aeropress into an espresso maker!!

Prismo on the bottom of an aeropress

Product Purchase

The idea to purchase the Prismo came thru social media. I enjoy occasional espresso at my local coffee house, but never wanted to invest in a full espresso maker at around $1,000 or more. Fellow recently came out with the Prismo. This $20 item screws right in to your Aeropress, so you can press out your own Espresso shots. I couldn’t resist trying it out!!

Prismo metal filter


The product took awhile to show up at the house as it was still in a development stage when ordered. Once it arrived, I excitedly read through the directions and made the first shot. The directions were very simple to follow. In true Aeropress style, I have tried many variations of the process. After a lot of experimentation and tinkering, I ultimately circled around to simply following the directions that came with the product.

Waiting for the brew

The First Brew

I grind beans with a hand grinder, so getting an espresso grind took awhile to accomplish - but hey, it’s a good afternoon workout. The taste and smell were really reminiscent of true espresso. Perfect for my afternoon jolt.

First glass of Prismo pressed shot

The Design

I love the simple design and ease of use for the Prismo. The process uses a very fine screen and a single, small exit into your brew cup which allows you to apply significant pressure to your press along with high temperature water to give you the Espresso. Cleanup is easy.

Another filter shot

What I like

Low cost, easy to use, and good tasting Espresso. I enjoy drinking it with a splash of milk.


No Crema. No frothy milk for those that want an espresso-based drink. I think it is slightly weak when making a Long Black/Americano.


I would recommend the Prismo to just about anyone that has an AeroPress and enjoys espresso shots from time to time. I would probably stop short of purchase if you drink a high volume of shots or have no interest in consuming press style coffee.

Shot down the glass

Conflicts of Interest: We paid full price for our Fellow Prismos. Our reviewer was generously compensated with extra coffee.

About the Reviewer

Coffee drinker for about the last 35 years or so…… My love of coffee started as a “rookie” firefighter. I was instructed on “day 1” when I arrived at my duty station the proper process to brew “firehouse” coffee. “Proby, you can’t make the Yuban too strong and don’t EVER make it too weak!!” No bean grinding, weight measurement, or any thought of brew temperature. Just keep it coming all shift long.

Over the years, and thanks in-part to a popular chain coffee shop, ✭$, we finally moved on to whole beans/grinders in the stations.

Looking back on the years of “firehouse” coffee, I think the best advice I received from a senior member was: “Learn to drink your coffee black.”

I moved on to the French Press for years and local roasted beans. ✭$ no more. This evolved to the AeroPress which is really the best process that combines the benefits of “pour over” and “immersion” along with cleaning convenience.

Rick Minnick

Rick Minnick

BadSea Field Reporter

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