Badsea X Joje bar


All month long we’re tossing a complimentary JoJé Bar

in with every order of either the Brazil Riacho Doce or the Ethiopian Limu Natural. Regular BadSea subscribers will get one of each origin and a bar with each delivery this month.

Joje bar inside coffee bag

To launch the promo, we met up with man who puts the Jo in JoJé, co-founder John Abate.

Since this collaboration is all about contemplation, we chose the Swami’s Self-Realization Fellowship Gardens as the spot to reflect on the gustatory experience.

The sun was shining, the sky was bright blue, and the coffee was fresh off the pourover. We talked roasting science, bar production, and going back to coffee's first principles. After shooting some photos cliffside, and then being asked to step away from the cliff by security, we found a table in the shade to get down to the business of tasting.

Badsea Coffee bags and Joje pancakes and Bacon

Here’s what we tasted - how will your pairing session compare?

Grab a bar, brew a cup, and sit down to pontificate.

A solid breakfast of Badsea coffee and Joje

Ethiopia Limu Natural x Lemon Blueberry Quinoa

The Lemon Blueberry Quinoa JoJé Bar smells like riding past a citrus orchard on a warm day. The lemon is bright and heady. The juicy whole blueberries anchor the bar and keep it from floating away. Texturally, the lemony lightness of being is also grounded by the soft indulgence of blueberries, and the tiny crunches of quinoa.

Ripping open this badass bag o’ beans and - BOOM! it’s like opening up a pack of Red Vines. Scratch that. It’s like opening up a big ol’ tub of Red Vines - we’re talking the CostCo size.

The strawberry bouquet of sweetness smells so nice you can get a little dizzy from huffing in so deep. Once your head is straight, the fruit in the cup is really jammy. Like grape jelly.

Natural process means that the fruit is left on the bean as it dries. With coffees harvested in this way, there’s commonly an overt sweetness, like milk chocolate. The smooth chocolatey richness is rounded.

The combo of these two makes you feel like you’re starting your day the right way. Bright, fresh, and invigorating - the floral and fruited tones of the coffee plus the sparkling citrus and sweet blueberry make you feel like you just pranayama’d and found your center.

Now, go get ‘em, Tiger.

Badsea Coffee bag and Lemon Blueberry Quinoa Joje Bar

Brazil Riacho Doce x Pancakes And Bacon

Ever been on a road trip and pulled into a diner where the tabletops are red & white gingham and the waitstaff reminds you of your ornery Aunt Janice?

The Pancakes and Bacon JoJé Bar is all that American in a pillow of smokey maple goodness. There’s a honeyed sweetness, slight saltiness, and comfort of wholesome oats that really makes this bar fulfill your hankering for a short stack with a side of bakey.

The Brazil Riacho Doce is an appropriate accompaniment to replicate the diner vibes, if the diner was instead run by hipsters who knew good coffee. Brazil is an origin that delivers that coffee flavor; and, when properly roasted, it can give you that syrupy mouthfeel, deep cocoa, and marshmallow sweetness without the usual acrid/burnt/bitter taste of your standard cup o’ joe.

In particular, this Brazil stands out because the fluffy caramel and nougat is not the only sweet note, there’s also a raisin note that is slightly earthy. Taken altogether, there’s an overriding molasses flavor that you might as well bottle and drizzle all over the JoJé Bar.

Come to think of it… what about an affogato with the Riacho Doce, a JoJé Bacon and Pancakes Bar, and a scoop of ice cream?

Order up!

Badsea coffee bag and Joje Pancakes and Bacon bar

How to do the brew

Head over to the Brew Guides if you are looking to up your brewing game

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