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Aero Is EverythingThe Inconspicuous, Efficient, and Inexpensive Home Brewer You Can Take Everywhere

Venturing into the world of craft coffee means stepping off into the unknown. Curiosity can fault to fears and soon you’re grasping for guidance.

The options can be overwhelming, there are hundreds of brew methods,and each one has so many variables: temperature, grind size, bloom time, brew ratios, total dissolved solids, water volume, the list goes on...

But fear not.

Stay whelmed.

The Aeropress is here to save you.

When just getting started in craft coffee, without a doubt, the ultimate setup is:

The Aerobie Aeropress is a decidedly simple tool for crafting an exquisite cup of coffee. It is composed of two plastic cylinders (BPA-free). The inner cylinder has a rubber stopper at one end, effectively making it a plunger that seals in ground coffee and water until you decide to extract it through a filter at the bottom and into the cup.

Here’s a nice video to just see the process, it's quick:

One of the many amazing aspects of the Aeropress is that it’s several brew methods in one. It’s a combination of immersion brewing (like a french press, the ground coffee steeps in the water for a time), filter brewing (like a pour over), and a pressurized extraction (not technically an espresso, but kinda…)

So it’s remarkably versatile.

This also means that it’s approachable - because you can really make it your own. Experiment, try new things every morning, tweak your method, dial it in, and bam! - you’ve got your own signature recipe (sig drink for the burgeoning coffee pros out there)

The Aeropress was invented by the owner of the Aerobie Company, famous for their record-breaking flying ring. Alan Adler was disappointed with the coffee pot festering in the breakroom, so he invented an ingeniously simple brewing device he called the Aeropress. Since that fateful day in 2005 it has spawned an internet’s worth of fawning fans: different brew methods abound, national and international competitions, incredible artworks, and more instagram photos than you can double-tap a thumb at.

The coffee world loves the Aeropress.

This video from Stumptown shows you the step-by-step in detail (plus there's mountain biking):

From here, there are countless variations. You can play around with water temperature (start with 195-205 F, or a couple minutes off boil), grind size (start with the size of table salt), water amount, bloom time (the first bit of water that lets the grounds bubble and off-gas), and total brew time (usually only about 90s). After you’ve messed with all that, really go hog-wild and flip the whole thing over and try the inverted method.

This one is the advanced class. It’s how all the cool kids do it:

By now, I’m sure you’re more than convinced that this kick-ass brew tool is destined to find a home in your pantry, but we might as well pile on a few more reasons:

  • Fast - most recipes take just 1-2min. The short extraction time combined with a paper filter contribute to a clean and bright cup, but the pressurized extraction ensures you get all the complexity your freshly roasted beans are toting inside themselves.
  • Portable - packs down small, making it perfect for the office or when you hit the road for a trip.
  • Rugged - nearly indestructible and made of BPA-free plastic.
  • Clean-up - rinse with water, done.
  • Inexpensive - at less than $30 you can’t afford not to get one. Pick one up on amazon or make a pretty nice little Saturday and swing by Bed Bath & Beyond.

That’s it! Now it’s up to you to brew!

We love to see your brew photos on the instantgrams so make sure to tag #BadSea. And while you’re at it, check out the hot new trend #MondayAeropressClub and contribute your own medias.

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