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Group of people hanging out around a campground for Grinduro! 2018

BadVuentures Vol. VIGrinduro v2

Waking up on race day without nervous jitters is a strange feeling for cyclists of any category. Boiling water poured with a steady hand into an aeropress full of freshly ground BadSea Coffee, I sat in the grass shorn in fleece pants and a hoodie, observing autumnal colors making up the backdrop of an environment spattered with colorful tents and even more colorful lycra clad humans.

Perhaps by coincidence, Grinduro takes place at the time of the year when leaves change color, temperatures drop, and cyclists shift from race mode to reflection and relaxation.

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The Grail hanging from a tree

BadSea Field Reports Vol. IIThe Grail

We were given the opportunity to try out two Canyon Grails

Canyon's new rule-bending gravel bike, for a local mixed surface event. For the full ride report check back for the Hunt Of The North BadVenture Article.

Since the ride wasn’t a race, and because the Grail is a really weird-looking bike with a double handlebar, the Hunt of the North seemed like a great time to dork around on the Grail - even if it was the weirdest thing in the world to ride, it wouldn’t matter.

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BadSea x JoJe

BadSea x JoJéPairing

All month long we’re tossing a complimentary JoJé Bar in with every order of either the Brazil Riacho Doce or the Ethiopian Limu Natural. Regular BadSea subscribers will get one of each origin and a bar with each delivery this month.

To launch the promo, we met up with man who puts the Jo- in JoJé, co-founder John Abate. Since this collaboration is all about contemplation, we chose the Swami’s Self-Realization Fellowship Gardens as the spot to reflect on the gustatory experience.

The sun was shining, the sky was bright blue, and the coffee was fresh off the pourover. We talked roasting science, bar production, and going back to coffee first principles. After shooting some photos cliffside, and then being asked to step away from the cliff by security, we found a table in the shade to get down to the business of tasting.

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BadSea Bicycle Squadron Member Kevin Lentz riding bikes

BadVentures Vol. V:Tour of Dirt

Getting people from different walks of life together around bikes and a little friendly competition has been something I’ve done for years.

I’m not entirely sure why I keep doing it, but I do. The latest iteration was the TASCO Tour of Dirt 4.1.

These things just don’t come together the day before the event.

They take dreaming, scheming, and coffee. Lots of the planning takes place early in the morning with a cup of coffee. I think about what kind of event would be fun, where to do it, and I run through trails and routes in my head. This is all certainly made easier and more enjoyable with a couple cups of BADSEA ;)

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BadSea Bicycle Squadron Member Riding up dirt

BadVentures Vol. IV:BadDuro!

The idea for BadDuro! had been percolating for some time. Year before last, the BadSea Bicycle Squadron went to race Grinduro, a gravel grinder up in the Lost Sierras where racers camp and then ride a loop though logging country where their official time is the cumulative total of four discrete segments of the course. The weekend was a blast, and ever since, the BadSea Dudes have been brewing on the idea of bringing the concept of an enduro-timed mixed surface ride back home to the Southerns of California...

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BadVentures Vol. III:Espresso Expresso

For years I have been riding bikes with coffee snobs. We would ride miles out of our way to some high falutin’ roaster to “stop for coffee,” I would roll my eyes and dig my heels in deep. Rose (me) refused to drink coffee! “My parents drink coffee” I would say turning my nose up, snobbing the snobs. I would just order a hot chocolate with whip and a chocolate croissant while the rest of the guys sipped their flat-whites and cappuccinos. Granted, the only coffee I knew came in a red can and was the “best part of waking up” and I couldn’t tell you the difference between a latte or long black.

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