KevMo Climbing Double Peak

BadVentures Vol. II


Like a muster of proud peacocks, the BadSea Bicycle Squadron set out

From Downtown Carlsbad, we rolled local roads to show off our new cycling rompers. More than a few heads would turn as the black and gold peloton sped past, and not just because we were zooming by - also because we looked pretty damn good in our custom Eliel kits.

2 BadSea Squadron members showing off their new kits
BadSea Bike Squadron stop at a stoplight

Meandering through neighborhoods and enjoying the warmth of early morning sunshine gave way to hills as the group pointed steeds eastward. Patches of dirt were sought out and a veritable photoshoot unfolded. How could it not with a crew looking so fly?!

Climbing up dirt road
Descending down dirt road

The casual pace was supplanted by hill climbs in the rising afternoon heat, and the riders were grateful for the superior moisture-wicking properties of their new performance garments.

2 riders climbing up steep section with spring flowers blooming

Up and down dirt.

KevMo Climbing dirt
BP descending dirt
GB Climbing Dirt

Up and down pavement.

Ariel Shot of Climbing Road
KevMo Climbing Double Peak

Then down some more dirt,
y’know just for good measure.

Dirt Descent

Then a coastal train home and proper post-ride rehydration.

Paceline around a curve
Group drinking beers and eating pizza

Until the next BadVenture...

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