John Rose RAAM

BadVentures Vol. III

Espresso Expresso

Guest BadVenturer: John 'Panda' Rose

For years I have been riding bikes with coffee snobs.

We would ride miles out of our way to some high falutin’ roaster to “stop for coffee,” I would roll my eyes and dig my heels in deep. Rose (me) refused to drink coffee! “My parents drink coffee” I would say turning my nose up, snobbing the snobs. I would just order a hot chocolate with whip and a chocolate croissant while the rest of the guys sipped their flat-whites and cappuccinos. Granted, the only coffee I knew came in a red can and was the “best part of waking up” and I couldn’t tell you the difference between a latte or long black.

Steady Eddie Sipin a 'Spro

But my life changed in 2016.

I was staying the week with a fellow BadSea’r, probably the snobbiest of them all. He has one of them fancy high speed machines in his kitchen and can whip up any java drink on the menu. After a late night smoking cigars and telling lies, I was dragging butt a little bit the next morning. Without asking, he sets a tiny little cup down in front of me. So as not to be rude, I submitted to drinking it. It’s just a tiny cup, right? “How was it?” he asks. Playing it cool I replied, “not bad.” But 10 minutes later, I was rocking and rolling! That was absolutely AMAZING!

John Rose and Ryan

The following morning, as King Snob was getting his daily java on, he offers if he can make me anything. I said, sure- I’ll have an “expresso.” As you can imagine, that went off like a fart in church. I figured it was small, you can drink it fast, it makes you go fast… so expresso it is.

Word must have gotten out that I fell off the wagon.

As I was getting ready to leave on a week long bike trip, a last minute sponsor approached me. BadSea wanted to sponsor my “coffee needs.” I thanked them, and politely turned down their offer - see, I don’t drink coffee. BadSea refused to take NO for an answer. I was given everything I needed for my trip. Seven days worth of fresh-roasted coffee, an Aeropress and filters; just add water.

Celo Pacific Leads out Rose for RAAM
Celo Pacific Leads out Rose for RAAM on the river trail

This trip wasn’t just any trip.

I was racing on a four-man team in Race Across America (RAAM). This meant pedaling around the clock for the team, and little to no sleep for me as we left sunny San Diego.

Rose blasting through raam support stop

we tore across the deserts

Rose riding in the desert

crested purple mountains majesty

swept across fruited-plains

Rose riding in the plains
Rose in the desert at sunset

through the night

night shot

and the heat

garmin says it is hot out.

and ultimately ended by touching our bikes in the Atlantic in Maryland.

RAAM metals

Needless to say, each morning of my trip, I was wishing I could have one of King Snob’s expressos to kickstart another day in the saddle.

I decided I would bust out my BadSea coffee kit and make a cup. My thought was if I use extra coffee, and less water, it’ll be close to an espresso. To my surprise, strangely enough, shockingly, BadSea coffee tastes really really good! Not like the red canned coffee I had grown up with at all!

Great. Now I am one of Them.

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