KevMo Climbing Double Peak

It's Time For


Come! Make PARTY in the Woods!

For this installment of our enduro-timed gravel event we're taking to the hills and doing this thing right by making it a camp out.

*If you've heard of Grinduro, it's basically that. But closer to our homes. Because we went to that and we were like "Wow! So fun! I wish this was closer to our homes!" We just apologetically ripped-off the idea. Sorry.


Mt Laguna, CA
(east and up from San Diego)
Horse Heaven Group Campground
Campground Info


Friday, May 24: come up and set up. Dial in tire pressures. Eat smores. Drink whiskey.
Saturday, May 25: BadDuro! wake up and blow up. It's time to ride! and party! then party more!
Sunday, May 26: two days to recover - because Monday is Memorial Day!

The Ride:

The final route will be shared shortly before we roll, but it's about 32miles with 3k of climbing.
Pace is cordial. That is, until it's time to tackle one of the timed segments.
Then it's time to SMASH

Your cumulative time on these segments is what matters. With ample time to recover between segments, you'll be able to reconnoiter with your buddies and refresh the legs before dropping the hammer on the next segment.

Expect twisting singletrack, fireroad climbs, road TT, and/or tweaking mad airs off molehills in meadows.

The best bike will be a gravel bike with beefy tires and low PSI.

The Party:

Plenty of coffee - duh.

Kegs of Rouleur Beer.

Homemade artisinal cocktails made by: yo'self.

Bonfires, air guitar, guitar guitars (?), and bacon cooked under the stars.

First 50 Campers

Get a BadSea PartyTime Cup. This capable vessel is for holding all of your libations - black coffee, flat whites, can o' beer, draft beer, draught beer, mint julips, and water. It's double-wall insulated which means it keeps your beverages thermoregulated at ideal temps (hot OR cold), and it's got a lid so you're less likely to spill that strawberry daiquiri on your lap while you're driving to work, you rush hour renegade, you.

BYOB, but we've got your cup.

BadSea Cup


Your presence is present enough.

But we'll have some awards for the hardiest of partiers, the quickest of climbers, and the speediest of singetrackers provided by some of our friends:

Prizes and pride will only be given out to riders on Drop-Bar Bikes.

BadSea Coffee - duh, we're putting this thing on so you better believe you can win some pretty good coffee


We've got group campsites reserved for 100 people.

Only 25 cars, so save the planet and carpool.

They're all nonelectric sites - so only tents and dirtbag car camping. #vanlife.

Vault toilets and drinking water - yerbasic.

Mountaintop general store is 2 mi away.


Ain't nuthin' in this life for free.
except this ride.

This is an informal event, so if you want to roll with the group - come on out!

Camping and the festivities will just cost you $20 (Friday + Saturday nights) SUCHADEAL!

Parking is limited, so save some dolla dolla bills and carpool with your homies - Parking is $30 per vehicle.

You in?!

If you are just in for the ride, then all you have to do is connect your Strava account.

Connect with Strava

this allows us to tabulate your cumulative time


Register for camping, and camp parking below. Parking at the actual campsite is limited, so CARPOOL

Tent Camping

2 nights of camping, biking, and fun at the group site



Camp Parking

Campground parking max is 20 vehicles. Carpool if possible.


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