Delivered by bike

Fresh Roasted Coffee

How weWork

roasted to order. options to get regular delivery or pick-up single bags.


Head to the store and choose a size based on how much you drink.


We roast to order, sourcing beans from different origins around the world.


Your roasts are packaged up and wheeled over via bicycle delivery dude, or your local postal person.


Craft coffee is better. Straight up. Better tasting, better for your health, better for your bottom line.


At half the price of single-serve pod brewers, buying direct from the roastery adds up to big savings. In addition to the environmental waste created, the microdoses of stale, pre-ground coffee in classic systems cost you more than two times what our fresh and local option delivers.


Fresh-roasted coffee is packed with antioxidants and polyphenols, but these go away quickly as coffee gets stale. We schedule deliveries to ensure that you always have new coffees ready to brew just off-roast.


Each growing region harvests the coffee fruit at different times based on seasonality, and the flavors change with each region and growing conditions. We offer an ever-changing selection of fresh-crop coffees, so you experience the diversity craft coffee has to offer.


Larger orders and wholesale relationships are opportunities to share our coffee with a wider audience.

We take this seriously. Very seriously.

We source, roast, and deliver delicious coffees based on your specific needs, plus we couple that with everything from training to education to equipment support to ensure that you’re able to provide a quality coffee experience that keeps ‘em coming back for more.


Shops & Cafés

It takes a lot to build a business.

We provide consistent and imaginative coffee on the reg. No muss, no fuss. You get adaptive support, education, and communication that keeps things humming.


When you make the choice to level-up your office coffee game, you can bank on a more productive and appreciative workforce. Properly caffeinated and imbued with inspiration from fresh-roasted beans, your staff has a lot to gain when we set up your brew station. From grinders to brewers we help you build out the ideal office coffee configuration.


Good coffee leads to good conversation, and even better dancing. Democratic revolutionaries, artistic vanguards, and modern creatives have all relied on the proven effects of this social lubricant - so if your event is destined to define the coming century, yours better have it too. From gift bags to prize packs to barista-backed brew bars, we’ve got plenty of options to support your next shindig.


Nimble and swift, we’re ready to tackle any challenge and we’re always stoked to design new ways to bring good coffee to more people. Hit us up with any idea you’ve been percolating on.




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